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Today, everyone acknowledges the environmental threats that the earth is facing. In order to prevent further damages to nature, we all should focus on using more and more of environmental and renewable goods. We, PJ Solar, are passionate to contribute towards the welfare of the social and environmental factors and bring forth for our customers a diverse range of Solar Solutions. Our assortment consists of Solar Panels, Inverters, Wires and many more.

Our products are made in compliance with the standard quality norms by vendors who keep quality as the prime focus. Moreover, our range of solar panels comes under the warranty and guarantee of 25 years, which is its USP.
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X-21 Series Solar Panel
Since 2005, ET Solar products have been constantly contributing clean energy to our planet. As a recognized innovtor, our success in production, technological development, quality control, and product performance distinguishes us as one of the most reliable solar companies in the world. lifecycle guarantee.

We are offering forward the best-in-class X21 Series Solar Panels to our customers. These kind of X21 Series Solar Panels have different quality specifications and features, which are described as follows:

21.5% efficiency : Suitable for the roofs where space is at its premium or where future extension can be demanded.
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